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Galaxy Note10+ review

Created date: 08/09/2019, 02:14:24, Updated date: 04/16/2020, 19:10:10

What are the strengths of the Galaxy Note10+? We explain its advantages and disadvantages when compared to other smartphone. Even if you are not used to choosing between different smartphone, you'll learn to make the decision of whether or not the Galaxy Note10+ is right for you.

Galaxy Note10+'s features, performance, reviews

Galaxy Note10+'s size

The Galaxy Note10+ has a width of 3.0394inches (77.2mm), a length of 6.39inches (162.3mm), and a thickness of 0.311inches (7.9mm). It might be possible to operate it with one hand, but depending on the person it might feel big. In addition, the weight of the Galaxy Note10+ is about 6.9oz (196g). You can feel some weight when holding it in one hand. You might feel tired if you operate it for a long time.

Assessing the overall ease of holding the Galaxy Note10+, it has some difficulties but if you use it based on its strengths and weaknesses it will not cause many issues.

Galaxy Note10+'s CPU specs

With the 2.73GHz+2.4GHz+1.9GHz×8(OctaCore) for processing power, the Galaxy Note10+ has extremely high performance and will operate smoothly without stress, whichever app you use. Among all smartphones released to date, it is one with top class performance. It is also suitable for heavier 3D games, and quite smooth play will be possible.

With a huge 12GB of RAM, the Galaxy Note10+ has an extremely large amount. Cases of insufficient RAM almost never occur, so it is further suited for multitasking as well. Even with frequent switching between multiple apps you are unlikely to feel any sluggishness.

Evaluating the overall speed of operation of the Galaxy Note10+, it is a really fantastic high-end smartphone, and in terms of performance can be used without stress in all usage scenarios. If choosing a smartphone for performance in operation, it is highly recommended.

Galaxy Note10+'s storage size

The data storage capacity of the Galaxy Note10+ is 512GB and it is highly recommended for people who frequently take movies and images. It is suitable for filming movies and photography, and you even if you install many games and apps you will not feel inconvenienced.

The Galaxy Note10+ is compatible with SD cards, so it is possible to increase the capacity easily. Therefore, you probably do not need to be concerned with the storage capacity.

Galaxy Note10+'s screen

Galaxy Note10+ has a 6.8 inch display. It is fairly large and has a good presence. Photos, videos, and games will really enjoy this screen estate. It is also suited for productivity use such as creating a business document.

Galaxy Note10+ has a very high-quality screen and any graphical content that you enjoy, including videos and games, will be displayed clearly.

Galaxy Note10+'s camera specs

Galaxy Note10+ has a 16 MP main camera, which can take very high-resolution photos and videos. While you might feel a little dissatisfied when you need better resolution for landscape photography or want to print high-definition photographs, you will be satisfied most of the time.

Galaxy Note10+ has an 10 MP front camera, which is a fairly high figure. Photos taken with this camera will not appear rough even when you print them, so you will be fairly satisfied with the quality of this camera.

Galaxy Note10+'s battery performance

The battery performance of the Galaxy Note10+ is 4300mAh, and which is an unusually large capacity. Compared to other smartphones, the Galaxy Note10+ has an unusually long battery life. At this amount you will be sufficiently pleased with the battery life. Even if you watch movies for a long time or play games, you will not have much trouble with the battery.

Galaxy Note10+'s general rating

The Galaxy Note10+ is a high-performance smartphone when viewed comprehensively. It works for everyday use with hardly any inconvenience.

Advantages and disadvantages of Galaxy Note10+

Advantages of Galaxy Note10+

  • The display is very large, so it is perfect for watching videos or playing games.
  • The screen quality is very high, and pictures and videos appear crisp.
  • It has a long battery life, so it is suited for watching videos or playing games for an extended period of time.
  • It has a high-grade CPU, so you can play 3D games without encountering stuttering.

Disadvantages of Galaxy Note10+

  • no data

Galaxy Note10+'s specs

Galaxy Note10+
ImageGalaxy Note10+
Release date8, 2019
ColorAura Glow/Aura White/Aura Black/Aura Blue
Dimensions (width x height x thickness)3.0394inches (77.2mm) x 6.39inches (162.3mm) x 0.311inches (7.9mm)
Weight6.9oz (196g)
Display size6.8 inch
Display typeDynamic AMOLED
Screen resolution (width x height)1440 x 3040
Pixel density494ppi
Battery capacity4300mAh
ChipsetExynos 9825
CPU specs2.73GHz+2.4GHz+1.9GHz×8(OctaCore)
RAM size12GB
Storage size512GB
Rear-camera resolution16 MP
Front-camera resolution10 MP

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