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Nexus 5X 16GB review: worth buying?

Created date: 02/24/2018, 22:44:08, Updated date: 04/04/2020, 15:57:38

What are the strengths of the Nexus 5X 16GB? We explain its advantages and disadvantages when compared to other smartphone. Even if you are not used to choosing between different smartphone, you'll learn to make the decision of whether or not the Nexus 5X 16GB is right for you.

Features, Performance, and Reviews for the Nexus 5X 16GB

Nexus 5X 16GB's size

The Nexus 5X 16GB is 2.9inches (72.6mm) wide, 5.8inches (147mm) tall, and 0.31inches (7.9mm) thick. I can just barely use it with one hand, so it may feel big to some people. In the case of the Nexus 5X 16GB, it weighs about 4.8oz (136g). The weight is such that it's hardly noticeable even when using one-handed. However, some people may find it tiring to use for long periods.

In giving an overall rating to the Nexus 5X 16GB, while it may be slightly difficult to hold, it shouldn't be much of a problem when considering its general strengths and weaknesses.

Nexus 5X 16GB's screen

The Nexus 5X 16GB has a 5.2 inch screen. The iPhone X has a big screen, which very likely won't ever trouble you. Just be aware that it's not a very good size for writing long blocks of text.

The screen of the Nexus 5X 16GB is extremely clear, and it's able to display everything from images to videos and even video game graphics in perfect clarity.

The CPU performance of Nexus 5X 16GB

The processing power of the Nexus 5X 16GB is, at 2GHz+1.6GHz×6(Hexacore), relatively high. Its features would position it somewhere between high and mid-level among currently available smartphones, but it will be rather stress-free in terms of using most apps. Most 3D games that don't burn up too much memory should be playable to a satisfying degree for the most part. 2D games should be no problem at all.

The Nexus 5X 16GB has 2GB of RAM, so it has plenty of space. In rare cases this amount of RAM might not be sufficient, but there shouldn't be too much stress on the machine with this amount.

The overall operational speed of the Nexus 5X 16GB rates as a mid-range smartphone. While you will probably not experience much sluggishness or lag with normal use, we recommend a phone at least one tier higher if you want to enjoy games or videos.

Nexus 5X 16GB's storage capacity

The Nexus 5X 16GB has 16GB of data storage, which is plenty for taking photos, but for people who frequently shoot videos or have lots of games installed, this may not feel like enough space.

The Nexus 5X 16GB is not compatible with SD cards, so make sure you check that there's enough storage for your needs.

The camera function of Nexus 5X 16GB

The main camera of the Nexus 5X 16GB is 0.1 MP pixels, which is a very low resolution. If you aren't particular about your photos and videos, or rarely ever shoot or film with your smartphone, it should be no problem. But otherwise, you should choose a smartphone at least one tier higher.

The Nexus 5X 16GB comes with a 5 MP pixel camera, which is a standard level. It's perfectly fine for selfies, but may be not as satisfying if you wish to take photos of large numbers of people, or make printouts.

The battery performance of Nexus 5X 16GB

The Nexus 5X 16GB has a relatively large battery with 2700mAh. The Nexus 5X 16GB has a good battery life compared to other smartphones. You won't feel stressed even if you spend all day surfing the web or on Twitter and you can also watch videos or play games on the go without having to worry too much about the battery. If you watch videos or play games for too long, however, you might want to watch your battery a bit.

Overall assessment of Nexus 5X 16GB

The Nexus 5X 16GB is a relatively high-performance smartphone. If you plan to use it as your main smartphone, you may find it slightly inconvenient, but within tolerable limits.

The merits and demerits of Nexus 5X 16GB

The merits of Nexus 5X 16GB

  • It feels comparably light.
  • It has a big display that makes it easy to see text and images.
  • Photos and videos are beautiful to look at on the clear screen.

The demerits of Nexus 5X 16GB

  • The rear-facing camera is very low resolution, so you should not think of using this smartphone as your main camera.

Specifications of Nexus 5X 16GB

Nexus 5X 16GB
ImageNexus 5X 16GB
Release date10/22, 2015
Color/ /
Dimensions (width x height x thickness)2.9inches (72.6mm) x 5.8inches (147mm) x 0.31inches (7.9mm)
Weight4.8oz (136g)
Display size5.2 inch
Display typeTFT
Screen resolution (width x height)1080 x 1920
Pixel density423ppi
Battery capacity2700mAh
ChipsetSnapdragon 808 MSM8992
CPU specs2GHz+1.6GHz×6(Hexacore)
RAM size2GB
Storage size16GB
Rear-camera resolution0.1 MP
Front-camera resolution5 MP

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