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Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB review: worth buying?

Created date: 2021-11-18 20:55:30

What are the strengths of the Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB? We explain its advantages and disadvantages when compared to other smartphone. Even if you are not used to choosing between different smartphone, you'll learn to make the decision of whether or not the Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB is right for you.

Features, Performance, and Reviews for the Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB

The camera function of Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB

The main camera of the "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" has a capacity of 12.0MP pixels, and is adequate for normal use. But some users may feel dissatisfied with the picture quality.

The "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" comes with a 8.0MP pixel camera, which is a standard level. It's perfectly fine for selfies, but may be not as satisfying if you wish to take photos of large numbers of people, or make printouts.

Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB 's size

The "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" is 72.0mm wide, 166.0mm tall, and 8.9mm thick. I can just barely use it with one hand, so it may feel big to some people. In the case of the "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB", it weighs about 221.0g. The phone feels quite heavy when used one-handed. Even when used for short periods of time, some people will notice a bit of a strain. When used with both hands, however, the weight isn't as much of an issue.

In giving an overall rating to the "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB", while it may be slightly difficult to hold, it shouldn't be much of a problem when considering its general strengths and weaknesses.

Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB 's screen

The "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" has a 6.5inch screen. The smartphone has a large, impressive screen, which allows you to enjoy photos and videos to the fullest. It is also very good for writing business documents and doing other work.

The screen of the "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" is extremely clear, and it's able to display everything from images to videos and even video game graphics in perfect clarity.

The CPU performance of Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB

The "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" has an extremely high processing power of 2.84GHz+2.42GHz+1.8GHz×8(8.0-cores), so it can smoothly run any app out there with ease. Its performance ranks among the top-class of all smartphones released to date. It's well suited to running even the most demanding of 3D games with ease.

The "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" has a very high RAM capacity at 12.0GB. There are few cases where the RAM capacity would be insufficient, so it is also well suited to multitasking. It's unlikely to feel slow even when switching between several different apps.

The "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" is an exceptional high-end smartphone. You will be fully content with its performance in all areas. It is a must-have for you if operation performance is important for you.

Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB 's storage capacity

The "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" has 512.0GB of data storage, which is perfect for people who frequently take photos and videos. It is suited to taking both photos and videos, and is unlikely to feel inconvenient even with lots of apps or games installed.

Since the "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" is compatible with SD cards, you'll be able to easily expand your storage capacity; you won't need to worry about how much internal space it has.

Overall assessment of Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB

The "Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB" is a high-performance smartphone. You're not likely to experience any inconvenience in general use.

The merits and demerits of Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB

The merits of Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB

  • With the large display you can comfortably use it to watch videos and play games.
  • Photos and videos are beautiful to look at on the clear screen.
  • It has a high performance CPU, meaning that even 3D games run smoothly.

The demerits of Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB

  • no data

Specifications of Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB

Sony Xperia Pro-I 512GB
ImageSony Xperia Pro-I 512GB
Release date2021-12-26
ColorFrosted Black
Dimensions (width x height x thickness)72.0mm x 166.0mm x 8.9mm
Display size6.5inch
Display typeOLED
Screen resolution (width x height)1644 x 3840
Pixel density642ppi
ChipsetQualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888 5G
CPU specs2.84GHz+2.42GHz+1.8GHz×8(8.0-cores)
RAM size12.0GB
Storage size512.0GB
Rear-camera resolution12.0MP
Front-camera resolution8.0MP

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