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Blackview A55 Pro 64GB Photos, Specs, and Reviews

Created date: 2022-10-18 22:59:12, Updated date: 2022-10-18 23:28:52

We've conducted a detailed review of the Blackview A55 Pro 64GB, looking into its battery, how easy it is to use the camera, and whether the CPU performance is high or low. Not only that, but we've also evaluated how portable and easy to hold it is, as well as how nice the display is.

Features, Performance, and Reviews for the Blackview A55 Pro 64GB

Blackview A55 Pro 64GB 's size

The "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB" is 76.7mm wide, 164.8mm tall, and 9.2mm thick. I can just barely use it with one hand, so it may feel big to some people. In the case of the "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB", it weighs about 197.0g. It feels a little heavy when held with one hand. It may tire your hand out if you operate it for too long a time.

In giving an overall rating to the "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB", while it may be slightly difficult to hold, it shouldn't be much of a problem when considering its general strengths and weaknesses.

Blackview A55 Pro 64GB 's screen

The "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB" has a 6.53inch screen. The smartphone has a large, impressive screen, which allows you to enjoy photos and videos to the fullest. It is also very good for writing business documents and doing other work.

The resolution of the "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB"'s screen is pretty much standard. It shouldn't be a problem for normal use, but it might prove to be a bit dissatisfying for those who wish to better enjoy their photos, videos, or games.

The CPU performance of Blackview A55 Pro 64GB

The 2.0GHz+1.5GHz×8(8.0-cores) processing speed of the "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB" is on the higher side, so it should be able to run most apps with no problems. The performance of this phone is at a high level when compared to others released on the market so far. You can play a comparatively large amount of 3D games with next to no issues.

The "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB" has 4.0GB of RAM, so it has plenty of space. In rare cases this amount of RAM might not be sufficient, but there shouldn't be too much stress on the machine with this amount.

The "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB" has the overall operating speed of a high-end smartphone, so it will hardly ever cause you trouble. But you might need to be careful when using heavy apps like 3D games a lot.

Blackview A55 Pro 64GB 's storage capacity

The "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB" has 64.0GB of data storage, which is plenty for taking photos, but for people who frequently shoot videos or have lots of games installed, this may not feel like enough space.

Since the "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB" is compatible with SD cards, you'll be able to easily expand your storage capacity; you won't need to worry about how much internal space it has.

The camera function of Blackview A55 Pro 64GB

The "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB" has a 13.0MP main camera that lets you take photos and videos in a quite high resolution. You may be a little dissatisfied with it in some situations, for example when you want to capture scenery in very high resolution or print out beautiful photos, but this should not be an issue you run into very often.

The "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB" comes with a 5.0MP pixel camera, which is a standard level. It's perfectly fine for selfies, but may be not as satisfying if you wish to take photos of large numbers of people, or make printouts.

Overall assessment of Blackview A55 Pro 64GB

The "Blackview A55 Pro 64GB" is a relatively high-performance smartphone. If you plan to use it as your main smartphone, you may find it slightly inconvenient, but within tolerable limits.

The merits and demerits of Blackview A55 Pro 64GB

The merits of Blackview A55 Pro 64GB

  • With the large display you can comfortably use it to watch videos and play games.
  • The CPU specs are quite high and using ordinary apps is almost always stress-free.

The demerits of Blackview A55 Pro 64GB

  • no data

Specifications of Blackview A55 Pro 64GB

Blackview A55 Pro 64GB
ImageBlackview A55 Pro 64GB
Release date2022-03-07
Dimensions (width x height x thickness)76.7mm x 164.8mm x 9.2mm
Display size6.53inch
Display typeIPS LCD
Screen resolution (width x height)720 x 1600
Pixel density268ppi
ChipsetMediatek MT6762V Helio P22
CPU specs2.0GHz+1.5GHz×8(8.0-cores)
RAM size4.0GB
Storage size64.0GB
Rear-camera resolution13.0MP
Front-camera resolution5.0MP

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Blackview A55 Pro 64GB

General rating: 60.6/100

(The 3372th of all smartphones)

Blackview A55 Pro 64GB

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